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As contract research organization, BIA Separations, a Sartorius company’s facilities are fully equipped to handle process and analytical method development for particles up to biosafety level 2. Their sales and technical support team will prepare a work plan per your requirements. You may choose to be involved throughout the development via regular contact with the project manager.

Downstream process development:

  • Processes suited to different clinical phases up to market supply – developed exclusively on monolithic columns.
  • Starting from lysis or capture, to final polishing and formulation of your biomolecule (viruses, pDNA, bacteriophages, extracellular vesicles, proteins, PEGylated proteins, etc.).
  • Depending on your product and requirements the multistep process includes development of lysis method, chromatographic media selection and optimization, virus inactivation, filtration, tangential flow filtration.
  • Recommendation of suitable analytical methods.
  • Tech transfer of standard operating procedures (SOP) to your facility or CMO.

HPLC analytical methods:

  • Methods for in-process control (PAT). Developed to increase control, improve efficiency and prevent rejecton of batches of your upstream and downstream.
  • Methods for final control, that enable real time release of products.
  • All methods can be validated. BIA’s HPLC methods use CIMac™ Analytical Monoliths and are developed on PATfix™ along with reference methods for characterization.

HPLC analyttical methods

Development and validation of various analytical methods:

  • Method development, validation and verification, transfer and routine testing of pharmaceutical samples and biomolecules.