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Monolithic Columns

CIM monoliths contain highly cross-linked, porous poly-methacrylate material with well-defined channel size distribution. The high surface accessibility of binding sites allowing capacities exceeding those of resin-based columns, along with rapid mass transfer based on convection. Our chromatography products are distinguished for their flow-independent performance, low back pressure, and versatility, resulting in faster separation, concentration, purification, removal, and analysis of your biologic materials.

CIM monoliths are available in a variety of chemistries and scales ranging from analytical to commercial downstream processing for high yields and rapid speeds.

Monolithic Columns
Products for preparative applicationsCIMmultus™ line
Products for analytical applicationsCIMac™ line
Products for immobilization screeningCIMmic™ line
Products for screeningCIM® Monolithic 96-well Plates
Products packsWe have designed several packs to best suit your needs.
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